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2nd May 2005

p00pyryankid2:28pm: iwo.com

18th October 2004

mr__sinister5:54pm: These matches are probably going to change, but this is what could happen!

Kel and Kyle VS. The Hardbodies

Divine Warrior VS. (Dan)

Fury VS. (Dan) *best of 5*

Johnny Ranch VS. Lt. Brickwall

Archangel VS. Kel(or)Kyle

Grave Digger VS. Brass Clown?

These are just temporaily*
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15th October 2004

jokersfrenzy3:51am: hear yee hear yee...this is David Best.

...The NEW Version of a professional wrestler...the PERFECT grappler...

...Coming soon...

14th October 2004

mr__sinister4:32pm: THE EVENTS FOR CARNAGE!!!
NOTE*these are not in any order*

Mr. Sunkist VS. Lt. Brickwall and (manager) "Handicap match"

Mr. Olympia VS. Jebodia Lipshitz

Justin Fury VS. Divine Warrior w/Travis Bayman "Hardcore Match for World Title"

Frenzy and Fat Skeleton VS. Kyle Styles and Shonbi w/Mr. Sunkist

Archangel VS. Mike "Dragonheart" Kruso

-thanks- Travis Bayman

NOTE* these matches are subject to change*
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4th October 2004

p00pyryankid12:20am: so lt. brickwall lost to divine warrior, and mister olympia lost his triple tag match, but justin fury defended his title in what i thought was the best match.

BUT the most fun match was probably the tag-team one.

i watched the tape last night, and the event actually turned out to be better than i thought. hopefully we can fit in one more event before it gets too cold.

3rd October 2004

filtereddreams12:21am: This is Miss USA's role model...

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2nd October 2004

hennessyfueled10:53pm: I am going to get my title back!
Who ever holds the IWO Heavyweight Chapionship belt, I am going to get back what is mine! No one is goign to get in my way, and if Bayman has a problem with it, then he is just another roadblock for me to overcome.

28th September 2004

hennessyfueled7:43pm: End Game
End Game is here and I declare a war aganist Shinobi and his mystery partner. :P I just want to wrestle again and do the PPV. It is going to be fun like all the other ones, but I want to try some moves on you guys. So whenever we do it, i would like to practice them, and then let the PPV commence!
mr__sinister7:07pm: "Whose got the brains....you...no...me!" -Kurt Angel-

"Whose got the braun....me...YEA!" -Mr.Olympia-

"......." -Ms. USA-


27th September 2004

p00pyryankid2:47am: justin fury is wide awake.

26th September 2004

mr__sinister3:38pm: Finally a community to call home...-Archangel-
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